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President Ronald Reagan, Elizabeth McClancy, 2017, oil on  canvas,

14" x 18",  from the US Principles series

A complete e-gallery of the artist's paintings is available upon request.


President Barack Obama, Elizabeth McClancy, 2008, oil on  canvas, 14" x 18", from the US Principles series.

McClancy's debut series, "Democratic Principles," includes paintings of 22 contemporary government leaders paired with a statement by each subject on a cherished principle of American democracy.  In no way intended as a "tribute" to these leaders, her purpose is to create a space for them and for us to consider "principles worth fighting for; principles worth dying for; principles worth losing an election to defend..." (E. McClancy, "Preface to the Plates," Democratic Principles, 2008).

Her upcoming series is set to debut in mid-2018.  "The US Principles Initiative" will be a fiercely nonpartisan, compelling online platform - is a personal interaction with world-class paintings and up to 130 considered statements about what it should mean to be an American.  Its mission is to provide a highly-accessible space where Americans from across the political spectrum can candidly respond to substantive principles of American democracy and discover where...and that... we agree.  ​An encounter with art and principle designed to lead us back to the US in U.S.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Elizabeth McClancy, 2006, oil on canvas, 18" x 24", from the artist's Democratic Principles Series, No. 1.

"McClancy subscribes passionately to Marcel Duchamp’s dictate that 'the viewer completes the work of art,' and, further, that the work of art’s own history completes it as well. That is to say, the work of art incorporates its own history and future. ...Taking the bull by the horns, McClancy has decided to devote her art, and the process of its being made and seen, to affecting [social change]."

Her art, its exhibition and, ultimately, its distribution are strategically designed to promote awareness and support of front-line social change organizations who address the crisis in question. 

Elizabeth McClancy paints the faces of social crises that are either off the radar or insufficiently understood. As Peter Frank, Huffington Post art critic, noted in "To Be Self-Evident: Purpose, Principle & Portraiture,"

Paintings and Text

"Art is not propaganda.  It is truth."  John F. Kennedy, 1960